Sweet As!

Traditional cider, crafted on the Kapiti Coast
from fresh locally grown fruit.

Sweet As!

Traditional cider, crafted on the Kapiti Coast from fresh locally grown fruit.

A beverage so good you can live apple-ly ever after…

Sorry… that was almost as dry as our cider. We make it using traditional methods, with nothing added but locally grown cider apples and pears.

Our simple philosophy of working with the sun, soil, wind and water defines everything about Elemental Cider, from the way the fruit is grown to the way the cider is made and bottled!

Try Our New Mulled Cider!

Warm up your winter nights with mulled cider! Perfect for mid-winter gatherings or quiet evenings by the fire. Simply simmer the cider with the included spices for a warm, nostalgic taste that evokes homemade apple pie.

Order today and transform any cold night into a delightful experience.

Totally Oaked

Kingston Black and Slack Ma Girdle apples aged in French oak barrels to create a dry cider bursting with toffee and vanilla.

Pear Drop

Crafted from 100% local pears. Just pears. Fresh, tasty pears.

Orchard Fall

Take well-ripened, wind-fallen apples, pears, & quinces then infused with a hint of fresh feijoa.

Dry As

A crisp, dry cider made with nothing but apples. Cider as it should be!

Pohutukawa Flower

A dry cider, infused with the stamen of fresh pohutukawa flowers. The vibrant red nectar gives a natural sweetness and notes of berries & thyme. The taste of a kiwi summer!

All natural! Sugar-free, no finings, filtration, or sweeteners are used.

Our Story →

We began to make cider…

Our Orchard

We use proper cider apples…..

Award Winning Cider…

I’m partial to a good cider, and had been disappointed with the sweet sugary commercial and boutique varieties on offer until I discovered Elemental Cider at a local farmer’s market.

Not only is this cider full of fruit (it is 100% apple or pear), it is also full of flavour and has a crisp dryness that is remarkably refreshing. I’ve tried all four varieties and find they serve for different occasions. While Dry As is my preferred, Orchard Fall is great if you feel the need for a little more sweetness, Pear Drop is super refreshing after a hot day, and Totally Oaked has that extra smoothness for later in the day.

Really though you could drink any of them at anytime, the taste is that good. I love that the company is a locally owned operation, using quality products from the district. I buy a mixed box direct from the Cidery, and it’s delivered to my door, so I always have some on hand. Now that’s service!

Couldn’t recommend this product and the service of the team at Elemental Cider more highly.

Lesley, Te Horo

Real, Dry Cider

Discovering what proper craft cider can be