Pick 12 Bottles

Elemental Cider is available in 500ml bottles, either as 4 x pack or a case of 12. 

Pick and mix options are available. They are the perfect gift or way to try all our cider offerings

Our popular Pohutukawa Flower" cider will be back in April 2024, once the pohutukawa trees flower, and the apples are ready!

Pick and choose 5 flavours. Choose between Dry As, Orchard Fall, Pear Drop, Totally Oaked, and Pohutukawa Flower.

Each Bottle:

  • Totally Oaked

  • Pear Drop

  • Orchard Fall

  • Dry As

  • Pohutukawa Flower

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A crisp dry cider made from nothing but apples. Cider as it should be!